Significance of Fire Fighting Systems

A fire-fighting system is definitely one of the most vital building services that you can install in your home or business. This is because it is aimed at ensuring the protection of any residents in the building or property.  Generally, a fire fighting system is an automatic system that is installed with the purpose of alarming any residents when there is a fire and containing it in as little time as possible.

A fire-fighting system will comprise of three basic but vital components. The first component is a large store of water which can be situated at the top of the building or underground. This is referred to as a fire storage tank. It also comprises of a pumping system and a huge array of pipes which may end in sprinklers that go through every single room or hydrants.

A hydrant is a water outlet that the fire fighter ca use to extinguish a fire. Under normal conditions the quantity and pressure of the water should be so great that it can knock over the fire fighter if he is not standing properly. A sprinkler on the other hand is a nozzle that has been attached to a network of pipes which spray water to the fire automatically in case of a fire.

In some cases, a fire extinguisher will not be enough. Fires come in different forms and that is why fire-fighting systems are installed. In case of a large fire, a sprinkler system can extinguish it quickly, minimizing the damage caused and resulting injuries. It may be quite messy after being used. However, it is preferable to clean up the mess after a sprinkler as compared to dealing with fire and smoke damage.

Where there are vital electric components, sprinkler systems are an inconvenience as they may damage the electric appliances. In this case gas systems are used instead. These are very advantageous especially in data centers since they will extinguish the fire without damaging any computer equipment.